Musical Chair Writing

To help the seventh graders review on the various aspects of life in the colonies, I decided to do a musical chair writing activity!

Students started at their own desk with the journal and wrote one sentence about a colony they were pretending to live in during the early 1700s.  I then played music and students danced around the room until I hit pause and students scrambled to find a new seat.  At their new seat, students wrote the next sentence in the other student's journal.  The requirements were listed on the board and no topics could be repeated.  This ensured that students read what had already been written, looked to see what sentence topics were left, and focused them to recall details about the various colonies...a great review!  Here were the topics to write about:

- climate
- geography
- economic opportunities
- interesting facts

We repeated the music chair rotation four times, so that in total there was a five sentence paragraph in each student's journals.  In the end, students returned to their desk to analyze the paragraph.  Most paragraphs turned out great but some students noticed errors in the writing.  This was another great review tool since students had to know enough about that colony to say that the sentence didn't match.  Excellent work boys and girls!